Had a Scott Pilgrim-ish Birthday

I'm 18!! 

I got this super sweeeet baby

Well babies, actually

From my all time favorite people, those 7 kidz i'm sick of being with yet willing to see everyday.
And from Martin, that weirdo who looks so much like Anpanman i'd cry. Definitely the best kind of brother.

Thanks for knowing me so well, you guys.


The One and Only

Hal yang paling gue takuti di dunia adalah kalo anak ini kabur ke gerombolan maltese trs pas gue panggil yang dateng anjing lain, jadi gue bawa pulang maltese yang salah dan gabisa ketemu dia lagi selamanya.


2014 alreadyyyy!

Started this day by getting a goddamn freezing hypothermia on the way back home by a motorcycle dashing through the rain with my.. What, partner in happy and sad in 2013 :") hahahahaha fuck it man.

By the way, the new year's eve was a little bit pathetic on me i spent it at school, not studying and stuff, more like having fun. I thought it was pathetic because i was like had no other places to go after having all my plans failed aaaaand ended up hanging out at school? Haha fuck it really right? But it was at last good tho.

I want to thanks God for my 17th birthday. So, my 16th and 17th birthday happened the opposite ways because my 16th birthday was when my friends were fighting each other there was like these 2 or 3 strongholds and i was neutral so you know, it feels sad that your friends don't unite when it comes to your birthday, trust me you don't wanna know how does it feel. Aaaaaaand my 17th birthday was a total blast! Even though it was sunday but they just came all the way to my house in the morning, it was at the time when all of us united. Nothing compares to the happiness i had the day i turned 17, it was literally the best thing about 2013. The best moment of my life so far.

I miss it so much and i thank God so much for this because it had been a total different now. It's not like we're fighting like in grade 10 but it's like we don't really unite, like there are gaps between this and that. Actually it's sadder than what happened in grade 10, because i don't know maybe we're growing up and it doesn't head to something like togetherness or whatever. We're just growing up. The worst thing about it is that even tho we meet each other everyday at school, i always feel like longing for you guys, like there's something missing between us. I'm actually not this type of person who cares a lot about shits like this but hell man this time, i even admit that i miss you guys not like a never been at school since it's holiday kind of longing, but more like we're already growing apart kind of missing. Whatever it is but i can say that it's now almost impossible to make a moment like in the photo above anymore. If it's really about growing up, then i hope we don't have to experience such thing as growing up. It sucks for causing this.

Also thanks God for Fall Out Boy. For ending their hiatus. For coming to Indonesia. For changing my life. For changing the situations. For bringing back my happiness. For having my back and stopping me from falling. For Pete Wentz's goddamn beautiful mother of hands and thighs. For the happy tears worth wasted.

Well actually i don't really want to thank God for the downs, pains, hurts back then. Goddamn it nearly put me to death i don't know it was just really horrible man. But i know it makes me better and stronger, it's goddamn cliche, isn't it? Haha fuck it but really, it makes me better and stronger and all. It makes me know that God loves me enough for giving such lessons, even tho i learned all the things the hard way. Shit happens people!

Oh, and the almighty best quote in 2013, i present to you......

"Don't just call the person who let you down asshole, because assholes and pussies have a lot of things in common, probably you were mistaken, that they're just pussies. Still be nice will you?"
-- nadirskittle